More than 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector,

Haussmann Investments is an Investment planning and Risk Management Platform

that partners with contributors including networkers, influencers and Financial Services.

With a true love for the Democratic Republic of Congo, our mission is to materialize prosperous and socially responsible projects across the DRC and improve the lives of the Congolese people.

Haussmann-Investments is also active globally besides specializing in DRC. 



Samy Badibanga Jr

Graduate in Business Administration and Finance, and having gained experience in the Sales and New Technologies sectors, I had the opportunity to discover some of the most powerful infrastructures of the world in companies such as HP and Autodesk. As Foreign Investor Relations Manager in the Office of the Prime Minister of the DRC, Badibanga Sr., I had the chance to network with major institutions such as the United Nations and the European Commission. As I quickly understood the immense potential of DR Congo, as well as the need for good governance and transparency, Haussmann Investments was born. It is a platform that promotes the wealth of the DRC and provides a secure platform on which investors can meet the right people, and build the right projects with the expertise of risk management. Investors around the world can now safely invest in DR Congo

Who are we? Haussmann Investments is a risk management and Investment planning platform. We are licensed in areas of Investment planning, Financial Research and Investigation (haussmann-research.com). We are outstanding at risk management in relation to projects in the DRC, whilst we remain active on the International scene.

What does DRC represent? The Democratic Republic of Congo is the 11th largest country on the planet at 2.344 km², the 4th in Africa and the 2nd most populated with 80 million inhabitants. Bordering 9 central African countries and undoubtedly the richest soil in Africa, the DRC should soon become the engine of the African continent. Just to name a few, the DRC includes the following natural resources: Vast land and waterways both inside the country and linking to the Atlantic Ocean, diamonds, Gold, copper, Tin, Magnesium, Lead, Zinc, vast reserves of hydrocarbons and a very young population ready to support efforts to grow.

At Haussmann Investments, our aim is threefold:


Our contributors include experts in each of the following fields:

– Business Enterprise Consultancy

– Project Management

– Financial Services sector.


At Haussmann Investments, we have a customer centric approach: “The Customer is King”.

Each project is treated with the same degree of professionalism, and independently of each other.







Agriculture – Tourism – Energy








Framework designed to analyse the strengths, weaknesses specific to the business proposal, and the opportunities and threats specific to the market and industry of interest



Macro- economic analysis of the country and geographic region of interest.

P: Political developments.

E: Economic and general business climate taking into account inflation, monetary stability, consumerism and propensity to spend s well as FDI.

S: Social Mindset and demographics relevant to business idea.

T: Technological platforms and tools that may be used to increase efficiency of launch and operations.

L: Legal Framework within which economic agents may operate.

E: These factors include all those that influence or are determined by the surrounding environment. This aspect of the PESTLE is crucial for certain industries particularly for example tourism, farming, agriculture etc. Factors of a business environmental analysis include but are not limited to climate, weather, geographical location, global changes in climate, environmental offsets etc.



– Industry specific and customer centric surveys

– Case studies

– Success stories



What are the current liquidity levels of the parties involved to take on this enterprise





Doing business in another country with great potential can be exciting and very profitable. But doing business in another country without the right contact persons or background checking can turn into a nightmare.

Doing business in the DRC together with a stable and knowledgeable partner as Haussmann Investments can give you that extra security what can make the difference between failure or success.

We at Haussmann will guide you through all the obstacles you might bump into your future partner country.

What can Haussmann do to protect you and/or your company against possible mistakes or fraudulent behaviour?


In combination with our English daughter company, Haussmann Research (www.haussmann-research.com) we have all the legal licenses for anti fraud and private investigations not only in DRC but also worldwide.

We assure you constant background checks towards people and companies you might enter future business with.

We assure you constant open source and media intelligence checks.

Solvability checks and image protection checks are also part of the investigation.



BNP Paribas Website           


Haussmann Investments has access to managers from the biggest banks worldwide such as BNP and AXA. These persons are knowledgeable in almost every field and are there to help you to achieve your financial goals. Whether your problem is in the commodities, derivatives market, spot trading, currency market, equity markets. Haussmann will be there for you and together we clear the way for you to reach your financial goals and meet your objectives.

Haussmann experts don’t have any commercial interest in your financial position in a commercial way. In fact we will do the financial planning and advising but you can do the business with your own preferential bank or institution. We are totally independent and don’t have a commercial link to any bank or trading firm. That is the only way to give our customers an objective and honest advice.

Haussmann will identify financial issues together with their clients with risk analysis and practical advice. Haussmann is and always remains independent, we bring you the right contacts and financial know-how specific to the country of interest. Conduct your business safely and contact Haussmann for a free introductory conversation and meet our experts. They have the financial knowledge but also about various government tenders.

Haussmann will clear the road for you: no business is too small and no issue is to big.




Influencers of all spheres, and with a true love for the DRC will be collaborating throughout marketing initiatives and entrepreneurial round tables.



With our deep rooted relationship with strongly established economic actors, organizations, Banks and the Government, access to an often inaccessible network, can be obtained.





Our network is composed of NGOs, Panafrican organisations and International Institutions such as

African Development Bank, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, UNESCO and European Commission.




Invest in DR Congo “the Land of Manyness”



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